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Aliens Land On White House Lawn

Step 1: Land on White House Lawn. Step 2: Take me to your leader.

And if it isn’t that it’s lizards in people suits.

It seems our notions of First Contact invariably involve a negative outcome for the Earth, with Carl Sagan’s Contact being one of the worthy exceptions. But I can’t help thinking that if it does come, first contact could very well be left of field, something I enjoyed exploring in The Veil.

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The Data Flow Economy

I like it when the future catches up with you.

In 2000 I read a science fiction novel by Greg Bear called Slant, and my jaw hit the floor. Why? Because it was a story that was spookily aligned to a new venture that I and others had instigated just six months before—and Slant was first published in 1997.

The wow moment came about because I could suddenly see where it could all go – Greg Bear was already painting the end game of what I took to be the start of something new. Continue reading