Aliens Land On White House Lawn

Step 1: Land on White House Lawn. Step 2: Take me to your leader.

And if it isn’t that it’s lizards in people suits.

It seems our notions of First Contact invariably involve a negative outcome for the Earth, with Carl Sagan’s Contact being one of the worthy exceptions. But I can’t help thinking that if it does come, first contact could very well be left of field, something I enjoyed exploring in The Veil.

I thought I was all set, but choosing a good cover is the hardest thing.

It was late June and I was close to completing the first draft, so I had a pretty good idea of what kind of image I was looking for. My sources are the likes of Shutterstock, as I haven’t the funds for a bespoke work, and I thought I had found the perfect piece. It conjured up the feeling of the story and even reflected a scene from it.

Now, without giving too much away, I think its fair to say my novel broadly sits in the alien contact genre, whilst not necessarily being specifically about that.

So my interest was piqued by the announcement of a new initiative to search for aliens, backed by Professor Stephen Hawking. Except that, to my horror, they had used the same stock image as my book cover to promote their mission.

So now it looks like I have jumped on the bandwagon. Except that I haven’t, and that’s what I am setting out here.

I got to the Whitehouse Lawn first.

Though to be honest, I am more concerned that they might actually find evidence of alien intelligences. If you want to find out why then read The Veil.