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​The world gone mad.

Neither dead, nor alive. But somewhere in between is you.


meWilliam Bowden was born in Devon, England, and grew up on a small family farm just south of Exmoor.

His career began in the aerospace industry, covering a wide range of disciplines, both military and civilian – an engineering background that now serves him well in his writing.

In his youth William had always been an avid reader of Science Fiction, with a strong desire to write his own, and in recent years he has been able to do just that. His first was The Veil, and from that came two back-stories – Seen And Not Seen and A Child Of Our Time.

This trilogy is the start of The Veil series – charting the path to First Contact, by way of conspiracy, misdirection and intrigue.  

William lives near the City of Bristol, England, and when not writing rules over his unruly garden.


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