Seen And Not Seen

The Veil play all sides, sometimes in our best interests, sometimes not. Now they have secretly deposited something at the United Nations—the victim of a horrifying crime against humanity. But is she a pawn or a terrifying weapon?

A clandestine government agency seeks to find out and fast, unaware that the answer lies at the center of one man’s dramatic spiral into an abyss of mania and despair that is already playing out on the world stage.

Seen And Not Seen is a technological thriller set in the near future telling of a world that needs to face up to its stretched resources, a bold endeavour to preserve our way of life and the dark road that some elements of the Human Race would have us take.

This is the first book in the trilogy by the same name, part of the Veil series, a collection of interconnected stories looking at the folly of Man, what it means to be human, and how the two might be related.

You can start the Veil collection either here, or with Any Now, the first book in the Real And Not Real series. Get the eBook from here: