Any You

A creature from another dimension had gotten into her head, eviscerated her mind, and gouged out her soul.

Now physicist Rhoda Mollo finds herself where she’d really rather not be, cast away on some far-flung shore of Any Now, trapped in a nightmare of the real and not real, slave to her own heresies.

No matter how hard she tries she can no longer slip into that happy state that simply accepts reality as it appears to be. Her mind won’t let her—it has seen the illusion for what it is, the magic trick revealed.

But she is set on her course of action. To play the hand she had been dealt, if indeed she had been dealt any hand at all.

Her adversaries are the mysterious Seventh Day of the Veil, a pair of individuals seemingly revealed as gatekeepers to the predicament she now finds herself in. 

There will be no seeking then out. Pursuit would be fruitless.

They must find her.

And to achieve that Rhoda will have to play them at their own game.

Any You is another mind-twisting journey through Any Now, exposing the dark nature of reality with far reaching consequences.

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