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Telling The Future

I was recently asked by a reader how I go about writing the future—to have a narrative in a world decades from now, and be convincing as such. In reply I asked whether they thought for one moment that they were not in the future when reading the story (Seen And Not Seen), even if only the relatively near future. Well, obviously it’s the future—it’s science fiction. And there’s a spaceship…and stuff…

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Dream Dreamer Part 2

tvor cover thumbThere are amongst us devotees to lucid dreaming. I am not one of them, but what, exactly, is a lucid dream?

The prominent definitions to be found seem to focus on the ability to control the dream, rather than what the name itself suggests—lucidity. That is, one would expect that experiencing a lucid dream would be to be fully aware within the dream, to feel fully awake and to have a complete sense of self.

As we shall see, the problem is that lucidity would appear to preclude the ability to control the dream. So what are those that have a level of control actually experiencing? Continue reading

Dream Dreamer Part 1

sans cover 2 thumbOver the years I have met one or two who claim not to dream—they understand the concept of a dream but have never had the experience for themselves.

I for one believe them.

But why should such a statement of belief be required? If they haven’t ever dreamt then…so what?

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You Are A Story Machine

coot cover 2 thumbThere are many that would like to write a good story. The problem is that they will try and invent one—and that just isn’t going to work. Well, not for most anyway—including me.

You can’t will yourself to write a story—you will need shear doggedness to write one, but that doggedness won’t get you started.

You need a story idea. Not only that, its needs to be something that gets so under your skin that you just don’t want to write it—you need to write it. Continue reading