If you want something hidden, consider carefully where you place it. Area Zero might be out of sight, but it is also out of mind.

Their redemption lies with a mysterious artefact known as Bloc Zero, with unseen adversaries and enigmatic allies at every twist and turn.

Real And Not Real

ALT - An outcome that would not naturally occur but nonetheless could occur, given a sufficiently bizarre sequence of events.

The past and the future are illusions. There is only Now. Any Now.

One universe, one reality, Any You

Seen And Not Seen

A Shadowy Adversary presents a clandestine Intelligence Agency with evidence of a terrible crime against Humanity.

An eminent Psychologist is drafted in to investigate a mysterious Artificial Intelligence.

The Age of Innocence is over, and the time of the Veil upon us.

The Age Of Innocence

A Machiavellian mandarin’s scheme to quash an impending crisis threatens a young girl’s desperate attempt to save her parent’s farm.